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Civil Defense Volunteerism


Volunteering is a social phenomenon that existed throughout the ages from the beginning of creation to the present. However, this phenomenon is different in its forms, areas and manner of performance according to trends, customs and traditions that are compatible with the cultures and religious beliefs of each age and state. Volunteerism plays a prominent role in any crisis and disaster response plan in the world because government sectors alone are not enough to cope with some disasters.

The concept of volunteerism:

Volunteerism is the service that man provides by his own internal motivation and free of charge that is intended to assume certain responsibilities in areas that are aimed at achieving humanity.

The importance of volunteering :

Volunteering in disasters is an important element in all phases of a disaster, not just during a disaster, as everyone thinks. The disaster is often measured by the loss of human lives and loss of property. Voluntary entity consists of citizens who volunteer to assist the Civil Defence in the implementation of its duties, which is concerned with overcoming emergency conditions and circumstances through field work to the possible extent to assist the Civil Defence in dealing with incidents until the arrival of the Civil Defence teams.

Objectives of the voluntary teams :

1. Spreading the spirit of awareness and belonging among citizens and their contribution to the service of the homeland and the need of others .
2. Enhancing preventive awareness among citizens .
3. Forming trained and organized volunteer teams to support Civil Defence in dealing with emergencies and disasters.
4. Benefiting from the experience of the Civil Defence retirees in the work of voluntary teams and in training other volunteers .

Tasks of volunteer teams:

Voluntary teams during emergencies and disasters are assigned the following tasks:
1. Assist the civil defense during the firefighting works.
2. Direct the firefighting vehicles to the fire site and assist in the firefighting operations.
3. Perform First Aid for the injuries.
4. Participate in rescuing the injuries and removing the rubble.
5. Contribute to the reconstruction and repair of public utilities.
6. Participation in evacuation, shelter and relief operations.
7. Raising awareness about the Civil Defence instructions.
8. Detect accident sites and inform the leaders of the volunteer teams about them.
9. To guide citizens to safe areas and warn them of dangers.
10. Any other work assigned to them by the local Civil Defense Committee.

Volunteering requirements :

1. to be not less than 18 years old and not more than 50 years.
2. He must have the Jordanian nationality.
3. Have the desire and willingness to participate in the work assigned for the voluntary teams.
4. Be sound in body.
5. Have a good reputation .
6. To be a resident of the area where the volunteer team serves and has knowledge of its service facilities such as ambulances, hospitals, shelters, public facilities and others.
7. He should not be an officer and a member of the armed forces and the security services while in active duty and reserve.
8. If the volunteer is employed in a ministry or government departments or official or public institutions, he shall obtain the prior approval of the employer.
9. The volunteer should be familiar with the civil defence works and voluntary activities such as retired civil defense personnel, members of charities and youth, social and cultural clubs.

The role of the General Directorate of Civil Defence in volunteering :

A. Training volunteer teams on the civil defense duties .
B. Supervising the duties of the voluntary teams.
C. Overseeing the equipments and devices under its custody and handing them over as needed in coordination with the local civil defense committees .

The general rights of the volunteer:

1. Insure the treatment of volunteers who are injured during the training or implementation of volunteer work in hospitals and governmental medical centers in accordance with the provisions of the effective civil health insurance system .
2. Provide those volunteers who have incurred total or partial disability due to the implementation of volunteer work with appropriate compensation, according to the assessment of the medical committees in the Ministry of Health .
3. Provide families of the volunteers who died during carrying out voluntary work .
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