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Civil defence training school was established on march 21st /3/1990 in order to build the capabilities of Civil Defence staff and implement the policy of the General Directorate of Civil Defence on the field of training through annual plans prepared by Training Department in cooperation with Civil Defence School which includes recruits, basic and specialized courses.

 To follow up the scientific and technical developments for training process to take benefit of the infrastructure of Prince Hussein Bin Abdulla II Academy For Civil Protection , compliance with the General Director of Civil Defence, the school was moved to the Academy Campus then renamed to be Civil Defence Training Center and was restructured to cope up with the training policy the General Directorate of Civil Defence.

 Due to signing of several agreements with a number of countries, including items related to exchanging experts and training, in the field of civil protection , buildings have been provided, including the training halls and laboratories equipped with the latest training methods and modern training fields that simulate reality in order to upgrade of civil defence staff to get the highest degree of professionalism for trained and qualified staff, and to develop participants knowledge and skills in training programs held by the center which is reflected positively on the level of their performance to provide a unique service for all.

 Swimming and Diving Department was established on July 2nd 2004 to train civil defence staff of all ranks on swimming and diving skills.


 Civil defence training center is considered to be a system which would achieve excellence, perfection and quality by investing human resources , available opportunities and knowledge, and enhancing the ability to research and learning, as well as the contribution of staff in establishing the basis of a renewing training campus contributes in achieving a training system to raise the level of all workers in civil defence since it is the best way to meet the needs and challenges for the development of this humane entity .

 Mission :

 The Civil Defence Training Center seeks towards the development and management of the training process to reach the excellence and perfection. We seek through civil defence staff, enjoyed with a high degree of capabilities of basic training to be able to adapt with the requirements of holistic planning and competition effectively, and to contribute in providing the service to country and citizens.

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