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The civilians are being awarded in public and private sectors of civil defence activities by lectures , courses and workshops according to their request ( those who wish to be trained) as follows:

Type of training provided to the public and private sectors


Type of training

Financial cost

training duration


First Aid Course


20 hours


Firefighting Course


20 hours


Comprehensive Civil Defence Course


40 training hours


Teachers of schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education course



20 hours


Workshop (First Aid )


At least one day and no more than three days



Workshop (firefighting  )


At least one day and no more than three days



Workshop (firefighting / First Aid  )


At least one day and no more than three days



Awareness and education of evacuation operations



At least two hours  and no more than three hours



Awareness lectures (ambulance / fire / public safety)



At least one hours  and no more than two hours



 Standards and conditions for training

ü  Add on to the cost of all courses and workshops (0.006), instead of stamps and imports.

ü  The financial cost for each courses or workshops is calculated based on the following:

1.      Certifications for the participants.

2.      Theoretical and practical training.

3.      Trainers.

4.      Training aids and means of training courses.

5.      (Official Communications / Correspondence / Transportation).

6.      Participants are granted accredited official certificates from the general directorate of civil defence after completing the course and workshop only.

7.      The participant number shouldn't be less 5 and not more 20 participants in courses and workshops , but the evacuation and awareness lectures the number of participants shall be determined by the applicant.

8.      Training will be applied in the requesting party site.


The Headlines for First Aid Course for Civilians:

1.      Loss of conscious.

2.      Fractures.

3.      Immunity and fortifying methods of painful diseases.

4.      First aid.

5.      Cardiac arrest causes.

6.      Methods of artificial breathing.

The Headlines for Firefighting Course for Civilians:

1.      Fire of Buildings and methods of entering. 

2.      Firefighting systems. 

3.      Fire experiment. 

4.      Public safety concept. 

5.      Fire chemistry. 

6.      Manual extinguishers Types. 


The Headlines for Comprehensive civil defence course for Civilians:

1.      Manual extinguishers Types. 

2.      Fire of Buildings and methods of entering. 

3.      Firefighting systems. 

4.      Fire experiment. 

5.      Concept of prevention and self-protection and the role of civil defence in environment protection. 

6.      Disaster types and the role of civil defence in facing it. 

7.      Shelter and evacuation. 

8.      Evacuation experiment

9.      First aid.

10.  Cardiac arrest causes and the correct methods of pulse check and cardiac massage.

11.  Artificial breathing Methods. 

12.  Loss of conscious.

13.  Fractures. 

14.  Immunity and fortifying methods from infectious diseases. 

15.  Public safety concept. 

16.  Fire chemistry. 

Coordination with the concerned in the General Directorate of Civil Defence / Training Department:

·        Phone number (06/ 5661111) (4426). 

·        Mobile number   0780774434

·        Fax number   06/5693242.

·        E-mail:

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