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The training department works through training policies which aims to direct the individual and collectively efforts in order to achieve objectives by using available resources with the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency through achieving practical training requirements in the civil defence, in terms of capacity sites, training centers and civil defence field directorates with different courses, preparation and Rehabilitation staffs and the implementation of the annual training plan.

 the training developments highlighted by the civil defence will be addressed according to our rehabilitation needs, as well spending an amount of financial allocations which are earmarked for training purposes, which included training assistance and local ,foreign educational missions ,and requirements of preparing Curriculum and development new courses and updating other courses , all of this enters in developing the training process, therefore its contributed to achieve strategic objectives for the General Directorate of civil defence, including development of human potential through qualifying the largest number of staffs in various class.

 The excellent distinguished which hade by our generous country, between friendly countries that reflected positively on the training process and the training department is considered as link between the General Directorate of Civil Defence and governmental , nongovernmental institutions and bodies local, regional and international that related in training filed for this purpose the civil defence officials special attention through direct supervision and follow-up courses internationally, regionally and locally, so that to be a regional center of training civil defence works ,this has been enhanced by adoption Japanese international cooperation Agency (JICA) to train Palestinian civil defence staffs.

 In addition to train many of participants from Arab countries (such as Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Iraq, Qatar .....).

 The training Department aspiring to be fully knowledge for all staffs to deal with all types of incidents through good training on civil defence work to be pioneers in civil protection and a comprehensive model of civil defence to protect the lives and property with high readiness, to ensure the safety of homeland and the citizens and achieve our values (humanity, loyalty, sacrifice, honesty) and to be citizen (under the name comprehensive of civil defence) to be able to deal with any emergency that may occurred - God forbid - and anywhere.

 The General Directorate of Civil defence seeks disseminating the concept of preventive awareness for all segments of society public and private sectors through training programs(firefighting, rescue, first aid) and holding courses, workshops, and lectures for all segments of society in order to help civil defence staffs in emergency cases , where implementation training plan in order to train employees of public and private sectors on civil defence work such as teachers, students of government , private universities and schools, and companies employees, factories, and other institutions to achieve the concept of comprehensive civil defence through training and educating citizens about public safety matters, there are contribution and effective role for every citizen in protection life and property to be every citizen civil defence ,and active member on comprehensive civil defence system, where he can protect himself and others to keep Jordan safety as His Majesty the Supreme commander King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein wanted - may God protect him.

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