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The Studies, Research and Development department was established on 20/06/1996 with the purpose of organizing and simplifying work procedures, reducing efforts and cost and increasing efficiency and capabilities to reach the best results by simplifying decision making based on a scientific research methodology.

 The department is associated with the General Director Assistant for planning.


 A Competent and a qualified department in order to enhance the performance and productivity level to address the challenges and difficulties faced by the civil defence and develop appropriate solutions that are based on scientific methodology.


 Using information systems and introducing the concept of development and management of human resources and building traditions and the accumulation of knowledge, also establishing initiative methodology, excellence, creativity and time management to reduce the cost and effort in accomplishing civil defence work.

 Objectives :

1- Saving time, effort and cost by conducting studies.

2- Increasing efficiency and capacity to acquire the best results.

 3- Facilitating decision-making based on a scientific and a practical methodology.

 4- Setting up and studying short-term and long-term development plans.

 5- Studying the administrative, field and organizational problems facing the directorates and departments of the civil defence.

 6- Studying and analyzing difficulties and challenges facing the civil defence.

 7- Conducting studies and coming up with recommendations regarding using equipment and vehicles that save efforts and time at civil defence work.

8- Taking into account the urgent need to modernize and to keep up with modern technology.

Duties :

1- Preparing operational, administrative and technical studies.

 2- Preparing technical specifications of the operational equipment and vehicles.

 3- Preparing and developing the strategic plan of the General Directorate of Civil Defence in cooperation with the entitled directorates and departments.

 4- Preparing progress report for the strategic plan of the General Directorate of Civil Defence .

5- Establishing Total Quality Management systems at the civil defence and following –up their application.

 6- Providing the technical support for all administrative levels in the field of strategic planning, also following up and assessing institutional performance, planning for human resources and improving the provided services by following up the scientific methodologies of the planning and administration.

 7- Following up the implementation of the requirements of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency.

 8- Spreading awareness about the concept of administrative development, total quality management, transparency and excellence.

 9- Setting up short-term and long-term development studies regarding the civil defence needs for equipment, vehicles, buildings and human resources in cooperation with the entitled departments.

 10-Preparing the annual achievements book for the civil defence departments and directorates.
     - The annual report.
     - The manuals of operational equipment and vehicles.

 11-Translating the manuals of operational equipment and vehicles from the technical aspects (operating and maintenance)
    - Documents, books and formal correspondence that are related to the civil defence work in different languages
    - The C.D website.

 12- Websites:-
    - Setting up and developing the websites.
    - Following up and maintaining the websites that are related to the civil defence.
    - Preparing monthly analytical reports for the status of the website and its visitors.

 13- The continuous coordination and cooperation with scientific research and consultation centers in both public and private sectors.

14- There are detailed duties for Studies, Research and Development department.

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