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Gas stations

Applying for the establishment of a gas Station

A Central committee was established by The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources with the membership of the civil defence to examine the requests of gas stations establishment according to the instructions issued by the committee:

1- Fill the application form submitted to the Ministry of Energy / the central committee.

2- In case of the security and organizational Approvals were granted to establish gas station, the central committee members carry out onsite technical inspection to grant approval or reject.

3- In case of positive inspection results, they un animously grant the approval provided submitting engineering drawings to the Prevention and Self Protection Department and to the Ministry of Public Works and housing to be certified and approved.

4- When the station is established , the applicant consult the prevention section in the department to gain occupancy permit , requested permits or installing gas pumps according to inspections and receiving the systems , in order to the fill form of follow up and receive of gas station and save it in gas station profile.
5- In case of not Fulfilling the conditions, a copy of the inspection form will be provided to the applicant, in order to implement the required modifications.

6- The committee decides if there is a need to re-inspect or to be audited by the competent directorate.

7- A copy of approval letter to install and supply the station with gas has to be sent to the entitled entity.
-the inspection officer is responsible to re-refill the form of the station data.

8- The computer officer in the prevention and self protection department entering the gas station into the early warning system, and he lists it in the annual plan, an annual inspection for one time only shall be done by the concerned department.

9- A copy of the approval to install and supply the station with gas has to be sent to entitled entity.
The requested documents to acting partner or transfer title deed of gas station:

1- The approval letter of governor.

2- A copy of initial approval from the Jordanian Refinery company.

3- A title deed includes acting new partner or transferring the property.

The requested documents when need to modify at the gas station:

1- The approval of the Jordanian refinery company.

2- The approval letter of governor.

3- A scheme clarifying the modification.

4- State the suitability of the site to add new preserves tanks by conducting the requested inspection.

An inspection report form should be filled when renewing the annual license of gas station to ensure the compliance of the requirements of Prevention and Self Protection Department requested as the pre-inspection report.

For more details please call the General Directorate of Civil defence phone No (5661111/06) (4463).

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