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A - Collecting data and necessary information.

B- Collecting necessary information to prepare studies and plans from the entitled departments such as:
(1) Operations Department.

(2) Construction and Maintenance Department.

(3) Communications Department.

(4) Workshops Department.

(5) Officers and Enlisted Affairs Department.

(6) Provision and Supply Department.

c- The following are preparing examples of the necessary studies for these studies:

(1) Analyzing accidents, statistics, which the Civil defence have dealt with and finding out a clear and transparent criterions that which accordance to it , considering a reset to provide and transport to vehicles to the field Directorates and centers of Civil defence centers.

(2) Study and analysis the Directorates requests of providing new vehicles and to put the compatibles with the criterion that are developed based on analytical studies in a private statements and that is to provide the preparation for it.

(3) The preparation of financial and technical studies which aims to reduce the prices of machinery and equipment without affecting the quality by controlling the conditions in accordance with the Military Supplies System and Civil defence Supplies Rules that was issued according to it, in order to maximize the use of financial resources and thus raise the rate of implementation project .

(4) Preparing a study of book value and actual value of the Civil defence vehicles in order to insure that these vehicles are in a quality that is equal the actual value.

(5) Preparing and setting a special study regarding the negatives of Civil defence Supplies instructions of (2002) issued by Military Supplies System and to recommend modifying in order to facilitate, clarify, correct and cover all issues that related to supply, dispensing and writing off.

D- The preparing of the following plans for the period of three years to supply the needs of Directorates of vehicles, equipment and available financial means as:

 (1) A plan of filling gaps of vehicles and equipment operations.

(2) Compensation plan for old vehicles according to the life determining which is adopted universally.

(3) Plan of providing the Civil defence stations with vehicles and supplies of operations.

E- Preparing a financial plan that includes the financial required costs for the implementation of previous plans and monitoring the required statements from the stated budget, projects, grants and loans.

F- Preparing the Capital Budget Project and the annual current Budget to gain financial allocations for the stated budget based on the mentioned three-year plan and financial plan.

G- Preparing the grants projects and aids from donors.

 Due to the limited budget allocated annually to the General Directorate of Civil defence and consequent obstruction of the plan implementation. The coordination with the Ministry of Planning and with several grant projects, and aids should be fulfilled to help finance the implementation of the plan.

H- Preparing the annual procurement plans in a way that suits the plans and allocations of the available supply through the stated budget or grants and loans where the focus is on priority projects.

I- Be informed with the latest technology in term of vehicles industry and equipment of Civil defence and that can be done through the following steps.

(1) Meeting delegates of the companies visiting the General Directorate of Civil defence and study the specifications of the products and to set suitable recommendations regarding to the introduction of these products to be used in the Civil defence or considering the product specification during preparing specifications for such products.

(2) The Internet, the department has (5) Internet lines that pare distributed to offices that require using the internet.

(3) The reports of visits are done by Officers of Civil defence for companies or institutions, local and foreign.

(4) The participation in local and foreign specialized exhibitions, such as SUFFEX

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