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strategy is:

It is a group of plans and policies emanated from the general strategy of the general directorate of civil defence, that the civil defence seeks to achieve through the planning and organization department.

 The principles of planning and organization department strategy:

a- Providing vehicles plans and adopt the analytical scientific methodology for directorates that need to fill the gaps of the budget, Set elements for classifying old vehicles and then preparing lists of old vehicles that need replacement in addition to set elements determine priorities of directorates taking into account numbers and types of incidents that every directorate deal with as well as filling gaps and compensating old ones.

 b- Flexibility: The prepared plans by the administration are flexible and changeable through continuous reviewing for the plans and any other factors that affect the implementation.

 c- Keeping up the development: To keep up all developed and what's new in terms of vehicles and equipment industry, in addition to depending on new vehicles in order to keep up the recent developments. More over taking benefits from other institutions experiences in all fields related to the administrative duties.

 d- Corporation with partners: Corporation with internal and specialist department that provide all necessary information to prepare plans in addition to corporate with external partners such as the ministry of planning and international corporation, especially in the field of –the general directorate of Civil defence in offering assistance to support implementation projects.

 e- Comprehensiveness: Including all parts of the kingdom to be provided with vehicles, equipment, projects and give the priority for centers that are recently opened.

 F- Fairness in distributing: Plans and projects of providing vehicles in addition to take into account fairness in distributing among the civil defence directorates according to budgets and dealing with any imperfection in distributing vehicles among civil defence directorates .

g- Transparency To achieve transparency principle in distributing and disbursement vehicles and these plans should be generalized to all civil defence directorates. According to the variation of the emergent plans from the strategy, there is a need to complement these planes in order to achieve the targets.

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