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1- Issuing and producing the new formations budgets.

 2- Preparing budgets for all departments and directorates in order to regulate the Civil defence work according to capabilities.

3- Study the actual situation of long and short terms plans for supplying the civil defence with all needs.

4- Request buying all equipment and duties to supply civil defence needs except the duties of provision and supply department according to budgets.

 5- Setting the policy of using vehicles, equipment and new duties that are incurred by Civil defence service recently.

 6- Supply and maintain all vehicles used by civil defence.

 7- Write-off all the material that pay away through the planning and organizing department according to military suppling system no.3 -1999 and amendments.

8- Pay away salon cars used by officers according to the policy issued by the general director of Civil defence.

 9- Pay away weapons and ammunitions allocated by budgets for units.

 10- Issuing or approving the technical amendments of vehicles and equipment's according to such amendments.

 11- Setting the study related to the approximate cost for conducting and operating projects of civil defence.

 12- Controlling all available sources for the general directorate of civil defence such as foreign and Arabian loans, financial assistance, not including the annual budget.

 13- Setting statistics for the actual number of vehicles, equipment's and staff according to the budget in order to clarify the extra or the demanded.

 14- Insuring all civil defence vehicles through coordinating with the finance and transportation department including the geographical area of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

 15- Developing operational equipment in order to raise their efficiency and maintain the term of using them through coordinating with concerned authorities.

 16- Setting the technical specification of operations duties.

 17- Preparing the capitalistic and current budget regarding the planning and organization department and the general directorate of civil defence.

 18- Sustaining communicating and coordinating with directors of directorates and departments in order to achieve the highest level and to monitor the implementation of approved plans.

 19- Any other duties that are assigned to this department by the general director of civil defence.

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