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Operations Department was established on Oct 7th, 1979, it carries out the following duties:

1- Issuing operational instructions and orders to all Civil Defence departments and directorates to carry out their various duties related to operations.

2- Developing Civil Defence operation plans to deal with emergencies and disasters and test their applicability in the Civil Defence departments and directorates.

3- Developing operation plans of the Civil Defence duties related to preserving internal security in the Kingdom. These plans should be applied in coordination with the other security institutions such as Public Security Department, Joint Special Operations Command, etc). Besides, they should be involved in preparing and conducting joint security exercises.

4- Developing evacuation drills for all facilities regardless of their occupancy, and defining their prevention and self protection requirements in coordination with other Civil Defence departments and directorates.

5- Training the staff of these facilities on the Civil Defence duties and carrying out practical exercises in these facilities to test their readiness.

6- Supervising the actions of the Civil Defence directorates and their centers related to dealing with all types of accidents and reporting them and carrying out appropriate procedures.

7- Preparing various accidents statistics (be they daily, monthly, annual, ...etc) and conducting studies related to their numbers, causes, types, locations, ...etc. to draw conclusions, employ them in the related fields, prepare the annual statistics report that covers all accidents in detail and distribute them among the related entities.

8- Checking readiness of the human resources, vehicles and equipment in all Civil Defence locations, and preparing related lists and proper recommendations.

9- Listing monthly and annual achievements of the Civil Defence then submitting them to the Ministry of Interior or any other entity upon request.

10- Supplying all Civil Defence Operation rooms and the Command and Control room with needed equipment.

11- Sustaining the duties of the main operation room to deal with huge emergencies and disasters such as riot, terrorism, conferences, Parliamentary or municipal elections and any special activities.

12- Watching wireless communication and supervising operation rooms of the field Civil Defence directorates, providing them with appropriate information about the critical facilities in the country when they deal with any accident in these facilities and informing other related parties about the huge accidents.

13- Checking readiness of hydrants in all areas of the country in coordination with the entitled institutions.

14- Supervising the participation of the Civil Defence members in duties of the UN and Peace Keeping Forces.

15- Drawing a plan to establish new Civil Defence centers, taking into consideration certain criteria. The plan should be updated regularly and applied depending on priorities and potentials in coordination with the authorized departments.

16- Issuing occupancy orders for the new Civil Defence centers and moving centers from one place to another.

17- Determining areas of jurisdiction of the Civil Defence Directorates and centers in Jordan in coordination with these directorates and issuing proper orders and instructions to solve any related problem.

18- Defining tasks of the staff duty in the General Directorate of Civil Defence in all times. In addition to supervising other shifts prepared by the Civil Defence departments and directorates.

19- Establishing a data bank for all critical facilities in Jordan and updating it continuously to be utilized in operations and during emergencies in coordination with public and private institutions.

20- Drawing suitable plans to test the readiness of the Civil Defence centers and directorates through regular exercises or field visits.

21- Issuing orders and instructions related to sitting up Civil Defence exhibits or participating in them in various occasions, the national ones in particular, and determining the materials exhibited.

22- Following up the operational issues in coordination with public and private entities.

23- Increasing readiness of all Civil Defence departments and directorates.

24- Any duties that are assigned to the department

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