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Civil Defence Organizes "Safe Summer" Initiative

The activities on the first day of the initiative (summer security) that was executed by the Balqa civil defense department started yesterday evening (Monday) in (Abu Hassan garden), The initiative will also include the two areas of the Cultural Bath Road Forum (Al Ain Square) and the Salt Children Park, which will continue on Monday and Thursday from each week until the first of August.
The initiative activities included training citizens and civil society on the practical applications of first aid, such as opening of respiratory pathways, tongue felling, sun strikes, hemorrhage, insect sites, hand bites, snake bites, treatment of fractures and use of canes, as well as how to check diabetes and pressure for civil defense rescuers.
The events also included a video showing the victim's ambulance steps and the distribution of preventive education brochures aimed at promoting the concept of preventive culture among all segments of society.
This initiative comes in the belief of the Directorate General of Civil Defense in the application of the vision and message of civil defense aimed at strengthening the capacity of citizens and the community to deal with emergency situations and initial intervention to deal with accidents.

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