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إخماد حريق  أعشاب جافة وأشجار حرجية  في محافظة اربد إصابة (17) شخص اثر حادث تدهور  في البلقاء   إصابة (4)  أشخاص اثر حادث تصادم في محافظة الزرقاء     إصابة (5)  أشخاص اثر حادث تصادم في محافظة العاصمة    إصابة (10) أشخاص اثر حادث تدهور  في محافظة الكرك وفاة شخص وإصابة آخر اثر حادث تدهور في البلقاء   وفاة شخص و إصابة أربعة  آخرين اثر حادث تدهور  في العاصمة   وفاةُ شقيقينِ اثر تعرضهما للغرقِ في محافظة الزرقاء تحقيقاً لمفهوم الاستثمار الآمن  اللواء البزايعه يلتقي مدير مدينة الملك عبدالله الثاني الصناعية وعدداً من المستثمرين

The Director General of  National Court for Civil Protection in Tunisia Follow-up The Operational Exercise Activities in The Rescue and Supporting Directorate of Middle Region

Tuesday 10-1-2017

The Director General of  National Court  for  Protection in Tunisia  Brigadier .Moe’z Al-Dashrawi with his accompanying delegation  and the presence of  The Director General of the Civil Defense staff Let. Gen. Talal Al-Kofahi   during their visit to the The Rescue and Supporting Directorate of  Middle Region  Directorate  , whereas the acquainted on the  operational exercise activities which showed the  distinguishing field level of the civil defense teams of Jordan throughout  dealing with major accidents within a systematic process and harmony between all the elements of performance, both in terms of the mechanisms and equipment or at the level of qualified cadres and trained in various areas of work



The delegation  visited  the Civil Defense city training and The Academy of Prince  Hussein Bin Abdullah II for  The Civil Protection , whereas they listened to a brief about the nature of the training duties assigned to this city in particular, and it includes many of the specialized in the field of fine-tuning of cognitive skills and performance of cadres and civil defense in all civil defense science departments .


The delegation acquainted on plan and the nature of its specialties directly related to the science of civil defense and civil protection in particular disciplines Fire Safety Engineering and paramedics and disaster management in The Academy of Prince  Hussein Bin Abdullah II for  The Civil Protection.



At the end of the visit the delegation expressed its admiration for the distinguished level that the Civil  Defence achieved.

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