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Due to increase in the use of hazardous materials in various industries, in addition to transport and storage processes, and what may result from accidents- expected injuries and deaths, which has necessitated the presence of a team to deal with these incidents professionally and effectively, as first response, which started in 1988. There are four teams in the Civil defence Directorates distributed in the three regions in addition to the Aqaba Civil defence Directorate:

Duties of teams:

1- Growing number of hazardous material incidents due to the progress of science, technology and industry resulting of growth of factories and companies, that deal with multiple types of hazardous materials in large quantities and the world is currently using about nine million chemicals types .

2- The growing number in the movement of hazardous materials (vehicles of hazmat) on roads and resulting in accidents.

3- Hazardous materials incidents need qualified and training technical staff, in dealing with such incidents as well as the need of special equipment because they are different from other incidents.

The conditions that must be met in hazardous material incidents teams

1- Good Fitness.

2- Culture (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Diploma in Science, HC in scientific stream- passed).

3- Courage.

4- Self confidence.

5- Ability to work under difficult conditions (being patient).

6- Knowledge of English language.

7- The ability to deal and collaborate with partners under principles of team spirit (team work).

8- The ability to understanding and the knowledge of dealing with all the equipment and devices skillfully.

9- devotion in work.

10- To be aware of the importance and seriousness of the work within teamwork.

11- The desire to work.

Duties of teams in dealing with incidents of hazardous materials:

1 –Facing hazardous material incidents by doing the following:

    - Field inspection to determine the type of pollution and contaminated areas and the degree of risk to do the needed procedures.

    - Addressing leakage and contain the hazardous material and prevent it from reaching the citizens and infrastructure and prevent it from pollution.

    - Carrying out decontamination and disinfection of people, equipment, buildings and land in which the contamination may occur with hazardous materials and in cooperation with concerned authorities.

    - Assess the situation and identify the need to assist the concerned authorities and to work on their request.

    - Participation in sampling from accident site and sending the samples to entitled bodies to analysis them.

2- Do the training and rehabilitation of hazardous materials teams and support teams in civil defence and propose mock drills with the directorates and specialized departments civil defence.

3- Participation in putting emergency plans that is concerned with hazardous materials in cooperation with the concerned national institutions.

4- Preparing database and information about hazardous materials used in Jordan in coordination with the entitled authorities.

5- Participation in educational and training programs for citizens for the prevention of hazardous materials and methods of protection in cooperation with specialized departments of civil defence.

6- Identify civil defence requirements and the needed vehicles to face hazardous material incidents.

7- Follow-up all that is new in the field of hazardous material incidents.

8- Maintain and check equipment and vehicles.

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