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The team was first established in February /2003 to be able work both locally and internationally and to contribute in the international humanitarian effort in rescue, search and first aid operations in disaster cases where it had been provided with qualified staff, and necessary requirements to ensure their mission. The team was internationally classified as moderate level.

There are three teams in the Civil defence in supporting Directorates in the three regions, which is registered under the umbrella of UN (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSRAG).

Duties of SAR team:

1- Carrying out rescue operations of accidents resulting from earthquakes and floods (disasters).

2- Carry out rescue operations from fires in high-rise buildings

3- Carrying out water rescue.

4- Carrying out rescue operations in airplanes and marine disasters.

5- Carry out rescue operations in tunnels accidents.

6- Carry out rescue operations in trains accidents .

7- Carry out rescue incidents of hazardous materials as gas leakage and raw materials.

8- Provide first aid services to the injured on site.

9- Mark the searched area and Determine risk areas.

10- Dealing with the psychological factors that affect victims.

11- Determine blind bombs area and not to allow citizens to approach it.

12- Any other duties assigned to them

13- Assist in distribution of relief material for victims, especially in the International Disaster.

Training programs and exercises for search and rescue teams:

1- The rehabilitation of officers and non-commissioned officers both locally and internationally of search and rescue techniques, to become trainers for team members, or any person who intends to be a member of the team.

2- Team members are trained daily to work within work program for search and rescue for middle region which includes lectures about the use of special equipment , search and rescue techniques concerning the team.

3- Perform joints exercises with different relevant actors in handling effects resulting of disasters and major incidents, such as the armed forces and public security and others.

4- Perform joints exercises with intervention team in Jordanian hazard material accidents.

5- To focus in training on search and rescue operation in trapped areas through shoring operations, using ropes, devices of search for trapped. The cutting operations in metals, cement, in addition to patience and endurance exercises and breathing apparatus, lifting objects by various lifting equipment, marking and assessing the buildings

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