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The first rescue directorate was established In 1988, which was called (Amman station), then rescue and support directorate was established, and another rescue & support directorate of the northern region as well as establishing the rescue and support directorate for the southern region to support the southern part of the kingdom which was supported with staff by rescue and support directorate in the middle region.


1 - Enhancing and supporting civil defence directorates in major accidents.

2 - Providing training services in specialized civil defence fields.

3 - Preparing, training and rehabilitation specialized teams for field directorates in Specialization area.

4 - Preparing and doing exercises in cooperation with the departments in Specialization area.

5 - Providing civil defence services in normal conditions within Specialization area.

6 - Assess/ study the specialization area to identify the risk area and provide all the necessary information from maps and drawings, also provide all the necessary information about the equipment that are required to deal with those risks.

7 - Provide database about strategic information of the Kingdom and the vital establishments within specialization area and perpetuate it.

8 - Provide database about hazardous materials and establishments which we deal with , also the equipment and vehicles needed.

9 - Check devices, vehicles and operation equipment which were used recently in civil defence before sending them to field departments.

10 - Handle water rescue, (SAR), and hazard material accidents, with the available equipment and device for this process and seek help from experienced in civil defence and public and private institutions that is entitled and cooperate with disaster and prevention departments.

11 - Participation in international disasters and incidents.

12 - Supporting different security agencies in internal Security incidents.

13 - Any other duties assigned to the Directorate by the Director General of Civil defence.

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