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Civil protection institutions have witnessed great development in all fields. Therefore, these institutions have established specialized departments that play positive and active role in this domain. This includes giving special attention to preventive awareness or (preventive awareness media), thus reducing the number of accidents and mitigating their consequences.

Accordingly, a specialized department was established to communicate with media and circulate the preventive message of the Civil Defence through media among the whole community. This department was called Information and Preventive Awareness Department”.

The Beginning

The department was established to follow the media revival in Jordan due to its direct impact upon the Jordanian society especially through the Jordanian T.V. and printed newspapers were the available media at that time. Nevertheless, the technological development gave rise to the electronic press news websites, radios and satellite channels which was considered a great turnaround in Jordan.

This development was accompanied by a quick positive change in Jordanian media and the Civil Defence of Jordan. The recent huge development facilitated providing related technical support and humanitarian resources. It goes without saying that the department has witnessed several phases of development; it started with a Protocol Officer within the Bureau's Department since 1990 and began to carry out many duties through its public relations. The public relation duties were assigned to public relation officers in order to organize the Civil Defence relationships with other entities, enhance mutual cooperation between the Civil Defence and the citizens and familiarize them with the Civil Defence efforts to protect lives and property.

Believing in the importance of having preventive culture, preventive awareness section was established in 1996 to spread awareness among citizens style through media, familiarize them with potential hazards and how to avoid them.

This section was attached to the Prevention and Self-Protection Department within the General Directorate of Civil Defence until Apr 1st, 2004 when it became a separate Department and was renamed the Information and Preventive Awareness Department; A department that bears the responsibility of spreading awareness and reflects the noble goal of the Civil Defence through media.

Strategic Goal of the Department

The strategic goal of the department is to enhance safety and prevention culture within communities. style="" This can help in achieving the comprehensive Civil Defence concept, which focuses on the importance of making each and every citizen a civil defence member through positive partnership between the department and the media to spread its awareness message.

Vision, Message and Values of the Department


Achieving the comprehensive Civil Defence concept within a clear strategy that assures safety for everyone wherever they are in Jordan.


Taking part in protecting lives, property and national assets against all hazards through enhancing awareness


According to the strategy of the General Directorate of Civil Defence, there are four main values that each Civil Defence member must have:

Humanity,Loyalty,Sacrifice and Honesty.

In addition, the department gives great attention to make its members assume other values and ethics that depend on transparency, spreading the awareness message clearly and honestly, and conveying media message with humanitarian aspects depending on real accidents.

Duties of the Information and Preventive Awareness Department

Achieving the strategic goal which is enhancing community awareness,

Taking role in achieving the other strategic goals of the Civil Defence,

Sitting the Civil Defence media policy,

Covering all Civil Defence activities and achievements,

Drawing awareness media plan,

Producing educational media materials, and disseminating them among all the media,

Supervising work of the media offices in north and southern regions,

Preparing all media materials including telegraphs,and speeches of the Director General of Civil Defence,

Communicating with other media to achieve the awareness message,

Preparing various awareness publications such as posters, brochures, booklets, stickers, etc..and,

Preparing and delivering related lectures for various national institutions.

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