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Language Center in short

The Directorate of Civil Defense adopts a modernization and improvement policy, particularly the qualification of manpower and staff , therefore, the newly established Language Center fulfills and complies with this tendency as the LC will offer professional various language courses. | Theinitiativeto establish the Language Center came from the Director general who is very enthusiastic to qualify Civil Defense staff languagewise and enhance their language proficiency and skills which will in return reflect positively on other training programs that would require language knowledge. On the 3rd of Dec. 2017, the Director general issued an executive order to establish a Language Center at the training city. On the 1st of Jan. 2018, the first Instructor qualifying course was held and lasted until Jan. 25. On the 28th of Jan.2018, the first basic English language course for officers and NCOs was held for 23 weeks and will last until July of 2018. On the 11th of Feb. 2018, the Director General inaugurated the center formally, after a symbolic celebration conducted for this purpose and was attended by some foreign ambassadors, attaches and other delegates. The LC is located at the Civil Defense Training City which substantially grants it the privilege of joining other qualitative training centers that are located at the training city. The LC has already undertaken its mission there throughout offering language training courses to the staff members of the Civil defense Directorate. The Language Center will definitely have unfailing chance to succeed in its mission because the Civil Defense enjoys a high level of professionalism, available resources, required equipment and expertise, which will undeniably enable the LC to play a vital role to facilitate various training programs and support them with qualified individuals as it is axiomatic that efficient language training is essential to make other training programs successful . The establishment of the LC is certainly a qualitative step toward improvement and modernization. The Language Center has modern teaching halls provided with updated educationalequipments such as smart boards in addition to computerized language labs. The Language Center offers multi level courses in French language and maintains academic relations with the French cultural council. The language Center is looking forward to extending number of language courses in accordance with the need of the directorate of Civil Defense.


"Teaching languages with the use of the most efficient methodologies including proper training aids in order to create a suitable academic environment which generates qualified individuals who are capable of understanding and interacting with others to benefit from their knowledge and practical experiences ".
The Language Center is seeking to achieve the following objectives: Reinforce student's knowledge and awareness of the language and its grammar , vocabulary and other necessary expressions. Improve student's language ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking and enable him to speak the language meritoriously. Reinforce student's ability in understanding linguistic expressions and terms as well as military perceptions. Reinforce cooperation and team work among participants of language courses. Improve and develop student's ability in translation from English to Arabic and vise versa.


The Language Center is tasked with the following duties: Teaching the following foreign languages: English Language French Language Testing language proficiency level of Civil Defense staff members for the following objectives : Selecting those who fulfill the requirements to join the basic English Langauge course (admission test) Making sure that Civil Defense staff members are qualified and capable to pass other international language tests such as ECL / IELTS ….. etc. Carrying out placement tests in English an French languages for Civil Defense staff members in accordance with other adopted qualifying training programs. Conducting oral and written translation services as well as qualifying translators capable of tackling different level texts. Fulfilling the Civil Defense requirements as far as qualifying staff members linguistically as well opening new languages courses when required.
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