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The accuracey of teting and evaluation mechanism is generally considered a fundamental indicator in the success of language centers' proficient performance. Moreover; the language centers must have accumulated assets and data base that include a massive number of multi level standardized questions, compatible with the adopted international criteria , which is also considered an indicator to be taken when evaluating the overall performance of the center and how far it is identical to the criteria being adopted in the prestigeous center.

The Language Center is currently working in configuring a preliminary data base that includes multiple choice questions in all language skills. It is an accumulative work and it is being done on daily basis. Considerably, the LC has managed to prepare a good number of tests forms sufficent to meet the requirements of staff members' language evaluation when required.

The Language Center is persistently pusuing to establish the computer assisted tests system configuration. Within this frame, the LC, through Civil Defense Directorate, is working with US military attache to obtain the following testing items and materials attached to them:

English Comprehension Level Examinations (ECL)

Book Quizzes.


Although it is difficult to obtain these tests from the US side now, the command of the General Directorate of civil defense will spare no effort to work out this obstacle through the inclusion of the Directorate in the partnership program with the US side exclusively in the field of language teaching and testing.

The process of computerizing the tests is among the urgent priorities of the center, as this process when applied, would grant the center considerable authenticity as far as the adopted qualitative evaluation criteria are concerned. The Language Center will proceed in the comprehensive computerization process of all available tests, as soon as the basic tests , quizzes and other requirements are made available and as follows:

The Language Center has already coordinated with the Communication Directorate to design a software program that would cope with a multitude of multiple choice questions and would offer the following characteristics :

Flexible, easy and accumulative feeding or input of test items, which are classified into three levels as far as level of difficulty is concerned.

Ability and capacity to rearrange tests patterns from different classified test items (levels of difficulty) when required so as to meet the requirements of a certain evaluation test.   

 Ability to extract new patterns from the database as requested  and be quickly assembled in test forms and be ready for use.

Automated test result mechanism and ability to save them in files attached with the program.

The computer assisted program when applied will offer the following advantages:

Speed and accuracy in performance and achievement as well as decreasing stationery and other requirements. 

Absolute accuracy and impartiality. 

High credibility and preventing any examinations leakage whatsoever, taking into consideration that there will be a large-scale of database, and that the program selects questions randomly and accordingly based on the input of the examiner, which ensures that there will be no repetition.  

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