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Teaching Methodologies The methodologists and educational experts have unanimously agreed that the main factor in guaranteeing successful outcome of the teaching process lies in the adapted teaching mechanismand methodologies used to transfer the knowledge to the students and how far these techniques are compatible with the modern contemporary teaching approaches. The Language Center adopts a teaching policy based on flexible, motivating and interacting teaching techniques. These techniques are substantially neither insinuational nortraditional but rather innovative which in all would definitely make the teaching process not only favorable but also suspenseful. The adopted curriculum has been recently updated and it contains various language activities as well as carefully selected topics accompanied by surplus number of exercises and skills, based substantially on the subject matter concerned. This dynamic mechanism will definitely make students totally aware and vigilant and continually interacting with the teacher as many of the curriculum activities rely on audio-listening skills recited by the teacher through which students are required to respond suitably and accordingly by choosing the correct response or answer, as these paragraphs read by the teacher, do not exist in the student book. The most important teaching mechanism adapted at the center is the "comprehensive approach". This approach implies that all language skills be worked out collectively when discussing any particular segment or topic in the syllabus .For instance, if the topic being discussed is even abstract informative, the teacher is required to tackle the grammatical aspects contained in the informative paragraph, make sure students are able to pronounce the unfamiliar vocabulary correctly as well as, check if they can come up with sentences using some of the vocabulary in the text in a good correct structure . The language center adapts other teaching approaches such as: Communicative style: Interactive style: this style is used when tackling the interactive multimedia accompanied with the syllabus. Mechanical style : used throughout discussing and introducing the grammatical topic and issues where students are required to mimic the teacher when using various grammatical patterns by giving similar patterns so as to reinforce their perception regarding grammatical usages . Aural style: used during listening activity class in the laboratory where students listen to the audio CDs, by which students 'ability in both listening and understanding will improve gradually as they are requested to repeat and respond orally. The teaching methodologies, no matter how they differ, can be summarized into three main categories and as follows: The direct approach This approach is suitable for teaching grammar and vocabulary through direct standardized patterns. This approach requires some kind of imitation and mimicking, from the side of students, to the teacher's ideal example. Students should also have ability of inference which leads them to understand what is the grammatical points and vocabulary all about. Standardized lectures of some aspects of language such as the abstract one are good examples of direct approach. The interactive communicative approach The most important factor in the success of this approach is establishing a cordial relationship between the teacher and students (RAPPORT). It is required also to make students the center of the discussion and interaction inside the class by simply encouraging and provoking them to be so. Role play and guided discussions as well as oral interviews are among the activities that would enhance interaction inside the class and reinforce team work mechanisms. Audio - Lingual Method Applying this approach would definitely enhance students' listening skills as well as improve their perception to the different language skills such as the grammatical one through listening to the ideal language patterns. Students can also acquire correct pronunciation through listening to the audio materials. Interactive multimedia besides the audio recorded materials are among the activities that are suitable to be carried out when the aim is to improve listening and understanding skills. The following illustration shows in brief a summary of the teaching methodologies used at the center.

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