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English Language

The Language Center along side with JAFLI adopts the "American Language Course" issued by the defense language institute / Lackland AFB. The ALC is a comprehensive syllabus proved to be efficient in the basic English Language course held at JAFLI. This syllabus is being used also in almost (90) countries worldwide. Some of the characteristics of the syllabus are as follows: The syllabus tackles the four language skills in a very simplified method throughout sufficient applied exercises and drills. The syllabus consists of a series of books (1 -30 ) which are sequentially connected and interrelated where each book is attached with a laboratory activities book. The audio materials, which is approximately (100) minutes per unit, is related to the content of the unit as far as language skills are concerned. The syllabus contains various real life situations that will be of a great benefit to students. The syllabus tackles and introduces grammar topics, vocabulary and other linguistic aspects in a more suspenseful and interesting manner throughout intensive exercises. The ALC contains some topics that clarify some cultural aspects of the American life style on which students need to understand as there is strong relation between acquitting a language and understanding its culture. The syllabus contains countless numbers of vocabulary, idioms and expressions which are necessary for students to know. The ALC material is composed of sequentially serial books (1 - 30 ). Every six serial books formulate a level. The LC is using selected package of books starting from book (11) throughout book (24) for basic English Language course. The package which consists of (14) books is sufficient to suitably qualify the participants to the level that would enable them to understand others and make themselves understood during missions abroad. The advanced package, which consists of the books (25 - 30 ),has advanced topics of grammar and high elevated language styles which can be used for in advanced and specialized courses when required.

French Language


The LC is teaching French Language using a modern updated syllabus which was recently issued within a series of adopted curricula for teaching French language for non native speakers.

The French language syllabus is composed of five levels; for instance, the (Alter Ego +1) is composed of nine chapters each of which has three units. There is a preliminary chapter designated for the beginners or zero langauge level.

The French Language curriculum is cmpatible to the European language frame reference in teaching foreign languages which adopted most language centers and academies particularly in the "fankphonism" countries.

The curriculum focuses on enriching French Language learners the following basic language skills:

Oral listening skills

Reading & comprehension skills

Oral speaking skills

Writing skills


The syllabus is based on interaction and participation inside the class which is truly an effective method to learn a foreign language . Teachers provoke students to use the language inside the class room in real life situations so as to be able to communicate with native speakers. The syllabus main topics simulate laregely the the French social and cultural life aspects and the Frankphonic frame as well.  

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