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Translation section

The structural organization of the Language Center has a special section dedicated for translation as it is essentially important that a language center, besides teaching languages, must include within its structure a section for translation which undeniably adds up a unique and important dimension to the center. It is well known internationally that, translation tasks are among the language centers primary duties; thus, Teaching languages and translation are closely interrelated and intertwined.


The Language Center's policy in establishing "Translation Section" is based on initially qualifying staff members to work efficiently in basic preliminary translation which requires qualifying them as follows:


Comprehensive perception and awareness of Arabic - English grammar.


Enriching and strengthening the translator's own vocabulary and terms as well as the fossilized expressions.


Training and exposing them to the very special and unfamiliar usages of the language and disclose the vague semantical dimensions of some terms including the absurd and strange limited usages.


To achieve better qualification and training for the translators, the Language Center is conducting right now an intensive course in translation through which the following topics are being discussed:




General principles adopted in translation.


Review of Arabic - English basic and advanced grammar.


Excerpts of translated idioms and paragraphs including the political, social, legal, governmental, and diplomatic expressions.


Rehearsal exercises in written and spontaneous translations.


The Language Center has been recently established and, yet, the LC has progressively achieved tremendous results as far as, daily work and qualification is concerned. The LC is heavily involved in teaching language courses as well as translation requests required by various directorates of the Civil Defense.

English Language Section

The English Language section conducts periodically basic English Language course for officers and NCOs (BELC) which fundamentally aims to build up the participants' language capability to the level that would enable them to participate in missions and courses abroad effectively through adopting an updated syllabus (American Language Course) through which students can acquire the following language skills and knowledge:       

Comprehensive coverage to all grammatical skills which are introduced and exposed interactively throughout selected grammatical patterns that are simulating the native speaker's use of the grammatical subject matter concerned

Reinforce and enrich the participants' language vocabulary accumulation with new vocabulary and frequently used expressions as it is no way to improve the individual's language skills without providing him with the necessary requirements and elements which are certainly; the vocabulary and terms.   

Enhance and reinforce the participants' ability in both comprehension and speaking throughout the available CDs attached to the syllabus which contains relevant audio materials. This audio materials, as well as, the interaction carried out inside the class room (student-centered class) will definitely develop the individual's ability not only in comprehension but also in speaking.

Course Duration


The course duration is (23) weeks which is totally sufficient to complete the syllabus of the course which consists of (14) books. The course can be conducted biannually with an interval of (2-3) weeks. The Language Center is looking forward to conducting English Language courses in different levels to meet the variable language levels of the participants and to design the required courses in duration for the right and suitable levels.



Among the courses that the LC will conduct soon after having the syllabus and other training requirements been furnished are : 


Elementary Course

Elementary course is four-week course, attended by participants whose language levels are low, which aims to provide the participants with basic language knowledge and refresh their awareness of the language. It is hoped that graduates of this course will later join the basic language course which is rather longer and broader and gives the participants more chance to enhance his language into a more satisfactory level. Books (9&10) will be the syllabus for this course in addition to simplified basic grammar pamphlets.


Advanced course   


This course is eight-week course attended by specialists and graduates of basic English courses which aims to elevate and reinforce participants' level in the language into more advanced and well-developed level. The course will tackle specialized topics in morphology, syntax, phonology and topics in translation.


Classification of English courses into levels


The LC will later classify the participants of English Language courses into three levels according to their real level in the language and as follows

Duration /weeks Level
23 Basic level
16 Intermediate
12 Advanced


Distribution of marks in the basic course

The table below shows the distribution of marks:

conduct Oral interview Sudden Quizzes ECL Book Quizzes
5% 10% 10% 40% 35%

Below is a shortened clarification of the evaluated items in the English basic course.

Book Quizzes

The book quizzes are carried out right after the completion of each book. They are designed to be direct and based primarily on the contents included in the book. They are also divided into two parts: listening and writing. The books cover wide range variety of different language skills, and therefore, what students can acquire from all the books throughout the course will definitely enhance and improve their overall language performance and excellence and will enable them to pass the (ECL) exam which is relatively more difficult than the book quizzes.


These patterns of examinations, which are attached with the ALC materials, is based on listening skills as well as written ones, and are designed to be compatible with the ALC Books. These exams were designed also to evaluate the test individual's general knowledge in the language and how far he knows different patterns of the language.

The questions or items included in this exam vary and range between various level grammatical topics, vocabulary and idioms that have connotational and cultural dimensions and perception.

The LC will establish data base (bank of questions) that will contain a large number of various level questions in all language skills. The LC is looking forward to obtaining the authentic book quizzes and ECL exams from USA DLI. The Center is planning also to computerize the accumulated questions into a kind of software that would generate or enable to do some kind of COMPUTER ASSISTED TESTS. 

Sudden Quizzes

These kinds of quizzes are carried out on almost daily basis. They are purposefully aiming to keep students always ready and well prepared as they come without notification. The sudden quizzes check whether students really understand what has been discussed and clarified to them. The content of the sudden exams  is based on the recently discussed of the book items and they proved to be efficient as far as students' full preparedness and awareness.



Interview OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview)


A committee of two staff members, organized for this purpose, conducts the interview with the participants in the last week of the course. The interview lasts for (15) minutes during which the interviewee's total language acquisition can be measured. The interview implies that the interviewee should show how far his language has progressed during the course; moreover, he should be able to answer questions by the committee ranging between grammar, vocabulary, as well as be able to respond appropriately to question about general aspects of the language.


                                          Student's Conduct


Student's conduct throughout the course is allocated (5%) of the total score. The purpose is to control and monitor students' behavior and how far they are obedient, and complying with the LC rules and regulations. Students who are violating the rules including unpreparedness receive discounts on their allocated score. This mechanism has proved to be efficient in controlling students' discipline and conduct.


Terms of enrollment


Participant's lowest rank must be at least corporal.

Participant's qualification must be at least high secondary school.

Participants must have desire and will to learn languages.

French Langauge section


The French Language section conducts periodically and systematically multi-level language courses for both officers and NCOs. The four different courses that are held at the LC are sequentially interrelated in the sense that one course gradually leads to another, as far as language level is concerned. The multi-level courses are highly dynamic due to the fact that there has been lately growing concern regarding French Language from the side of the Civil Defense Directorate as well as staff members who have noticeable desire to learn French Language.

The French internal security attaché as well as the French cultural center have played a considerable academic effort and support to the LC which has been very essential in the success of the French Language courses.

The French Language courses aims at building the student's capability in all language skills throughout interactive teaching instruction carried out by qualified teaching staff members including one native speaker. The courses focus on enhancing primarily student's ability in both speaking and listening skills.The interactive multimedia, besides the audio listening activities, along with an updated syllabus abundantly rich in  informative drills, would all contribute and generate qualified individuals who are capable of speaking the French Language so understandably. 

French Language courses held at the Language Center

Course Syllabus Duration / week Course Level
Alter ego 1 Dossier 0-5 15

French Langauge for beginners

Alter ego 1 Dossier 5-9


Intermediate French Course

Alter ego 2 Dossier 1-6

15 Advanced french Course

Réussir Le DELF


Preparatory course for DELF A1+A2


The Participant's rank must be corporal at least.

The participant's qualification must be diploma at least.

The participant must have a strong desire to join the course.


Distribution of marks in the French Language Courses
Score Test / Quizz
25% Daily Quizzes
10% Participation
15% Oral Interview
50% Final Examination
100% Total

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