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The Fire and Rescue Department holds the responsibility since it was established to implement the General Directorate of Civil Defence policy in the field of training and building capacities of Civil Defence staff for different ranks which is considered to be part of an annual plan, and with the coordination of the Training administration to include the following programs, which depends on enhancing theoretical information and developing practical abilities:

1. Timetable for fire and rescue trainers.

 2. Timetable for heads of departments, sections and operations.

3. Timetable for centers officers.

 4. Timetable for Transportation officers.

5. Timetable for assistants of transportation officers.

6. Timetable for firefighter teams / first level.

7. Workshop of lessons learned.

 8. Timetable of university-graduated non-commissioned officers.

 9. Timetable for private and corporal who are classified fire and rescue professions.

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