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1. Undertaking all procedures and means that ensure achieving vision, mission and goals of the General Directorate of Civil Defence that is related to fire and rescue affairs.

 2. Following-up all administrative, operational aspects and training process for specialized firefighter's teams and providing all equipment and vehicles through coordination with the concerned directorates and departments.

 3. Following-up Civil Defence fire and rescue staff affairs, their work locations, movements, and sustaining a special budget for staff and Directorate needs for both classes and recruitment process with concerned departments.

 4. Following-up administrative, operational aspects and training process for search and rescue teams in regions and providing all equipment and vehicles in coordination with search and rescue leadership, directorates and concerned departments.

 5. Ensuring readiness of fire and rescue equipment and following them up in all Civil Defence sites in coordination with directorates and concerned departments.

 6. Participating in preparing training programs for internal courses of fire and rescue and courses that were held for public and private sectors and following-up the implementation and provision training means in coordination with the concerned departments.

 7. Contributing on following-up the implementation of informative awareness programs which is directed to citizens and supplying them with latest developments of fire and rescue science and the achievements in this field.

 8. Supervising on Following-up the implementation of training plans in the field of fire and rescue according to the instructions and conditions for staffs' submission for courses and training internally and externally in coordination with concerned departments.

 9. Participating and setting the basis in order to select and classify firefighters and rescuers as well as the committees formed for this purpose.

 10. Participating and supervising the evaluation and examination of firefighters and rescuers (classifying and upgrading) by the coordination with concerned departments.

 11. Supervising on organizing, sustaining and updating all the facilities that is used in fire and rescue fields specially the training facilities.

 12. Following-up fire and rescue accidents , sustaining annual statistics , preparing notes and participating in preparation mock exercises and plans to deal with emergency situations and major incidents in coordination with the concerned departments.

 13. Carrying out studies, research and following-up the latest developments in fire and rescue field and their science, providing sustainable database which is reflected positively on provided service level.

 14. Participating in preparation of technical specifications for equipment and missions for rescue and fire.

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