Fire Extinguishers



The Jordanian standard JS 150 : 2003 (manual portable extinguishers) is applied. This specification includes executing the following tests to check the extinguishers:-

1. Hydrostatic pressure test.

2. Marking.

3. Minimum wall thickness.

4. Nominal charge.

5. Filling opening.

6. Extinguisher's efficiency.

7. Tightness.

8. Dielectric test.

9. Tamping test.

10. Impact test.

11. Duration of operation and residual charge.

12. The following supplementary tests.

The control valve.

The hose and coupling.

Pressure indication system.

Safety devices.


The lab can perform the following tests : (1,2,4,5,6) and (6).

Test duration.

An important note: extinguishers must be left for (24) hours before performing tests in order to equalize temperature.

1. Hydrostatic pressure (test pressure and burst pressure).

Duration of this test is one hour.

2. Marking.

Check that the extinguisher's color is red regardless of it's classification.

Check the weight of the extinguisher and it's parts (weight of the extinguisher shouldn't exceed 20 kgs).

Test duration is half an hour.

3. Minimum wall thickness:-

Test duration is (2) hours.

4. Nominal charge:-

Test duration is one hour.

5. Diameter of the filling opening:-

Test duration is half an hour.


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