Three injured in slipping     Slipping leaves 5 injuries in Amman     One died, five injured in Aqaba collision     Hand amputation in Nazzal     Slipping accident caused (15) injuries     Collision accident caused (6) injuries     Running over accident caused (1) injury     Slipping accident caused (1) injury and (1) death     Collision accident caused (7) injuries     Collision accident caused (4) Injuries     Extinguished a dry grass fire in Irbid     A Collision accident caused (5) injuries in Irbid  
It is pleased me to welcome you in the Civil Defence website to illuminate the evolution, development, tasks and duties of Civil Defence. Besides the services that are offered by this humane institution to their citizens in their work and residence to protect their life and properties...
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  Do you have information about chemicals material that used on house and how deal with it if you exposure?  
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