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1. 1979, establishment of a specialized unit in Civil Defence to provide ambulance service in Jordan which was known as Ambulance Directorate.

2. 2006, Start delivering Advanced Life Support (Paramedic). Thus, the Civil Defence College was established and the law of practicing ambulance profession was issued. The law grants five different categories of practicing license.

3. Converting Basic Ambulance Service to Paramedic.

4. Preparing and providing all types of ambulance vehicles and the innovation of multi causality ambulance bus.
5. Establishing the Civil Defence College to qualify Paramedic EMTs.

6. Jordanian Civil Defence established Prince Husain Bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection, which awards Bachelor degree in:

- Fire safety Engineering

- Disaster Management


7. Applying specialized EMS training courses and curricula for EMTs to improve their skills in some fields.

8. Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health in the fields of operations, training, exchanging experiences… etc.

9.  Establishing Psychological Support Branch in Ambulance Department in Jordanian Civil Defence.

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