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1. Adopting all the measures to assure achieving the vision, message and goals of the General Directorate of Civil Defence.

2. In coordination with Training Department and Civil Defence Training Center, Ambulance Department contribute to the training of Civil Defence crews in the field of emergency management.

3. In coordination with Training Department, Personnel Affairs Department and Civil Defence Training Center, Ambulance Department assesses and examines EMTs (classification and promotion)

4. Preparing EMS courses curricula and programs and any other curricula for private and public sectors courses.

5. Contributing in raising public awareness in the fields of preventing and dealing with incidents.

6. Conducting studies, researches and updating everything related to EMS.

7. Checking ambulance vehicles, equipment and communication systems preparedness in all civil defence sites to deal with different incident types

8. Checking of providing psycho-social support services according to the tasks and duties of psychological support branch.

9. Lay the conditions and foundations depending on which the EMTs are selected and classified and participating in committees formed for this purpose.

10. Executing specialized (free or paid) EMS training programs which are requested by other sectors after obtaining the approval of the director general or his representative.

11. Executing specialized training programs for civil defence crews in the field of psychosocial support.

12. Preparing the technical specifications of ambulance vehicles and medical equipment.

13. Provide advice to the director general and his assistants according to the tasks and duties of ambulance department.

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