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Ambulance Service in Jordanian Civil Defence

Ambulance Service and Development

Ambulance Service is considered one of the main and vital services which must be delivered to people to protect their souls, properties and development achievements which human being is considered one of it’s vital figures.

Risks Increased due to development

Particularly the risks that may be faced by human beings and the possibility of being injured have increased as a result of the scientific and technological development and the use of new machines and equipment.

The Importance of Ambulance Service

This will require adopting all prevention measures and providing help and  rapid effective ambulance service from the first moments of injury.

Psychological Support Branch

Psychological Support Branch Establishment .
After Amman explosions on 9/11/2005, the Psychological Support Branch was constructed in ambulance department to assist the accident’s victims, their families, witnesses, Civil Defence teams and others when they expose psychological trauma.

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