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1- Provide all directorates, departments and stations with wired and wireless communications, computer systems.

 2- Secure wired and wireless communications and protect information system.

 3- Carry out all requested technical studies that are related to communications and IT.

 4- Prepare an annual budget for all needs of Communication and IT Department.

 5- Prepare future plans for the development and modernization of wired and wireless communication, computer systems, and warning sirens.

 6- Qualify and training telecommunication and computer staff , technically in coordination with the Training Department.

 7- Carry out the maintenance of wired and wireless devices, computers and other electric devices.

 8- Represent the General Directorate of Civil Defence in all related of Communications and IT with public and private entities.

 9- Participate with all the security entities and the armed forces in joint projects for the benefit of Civil Defence.

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