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Undoubtedly, communications became a vital part in our daily life. The world became indeed a small village due to the advances achieved in the world of communication by every new discovery, which is reflected in socially, economically and culturally.

 The Department of Communication is considered the main nerve for all tasks and duties accomplished by the civil defence operationally and administratively and all provided services to community. It holds the responsibility of developing, updating and maintaining all aspects of communication and IT as well as recruiting human resource such as engineers, technicians and operators from different classes, cooperating with the JAF, other security entities and all state institutions, to provide civil defence with all new technology in the field of wired and wireless communications and IT.

 The Department also plays a major role of developing and maintaining the networks, also allocating the annual budget needed to develop and update it in addition to updating the devices, equipment and systems used in civil defence in order to upgrade the services provided and supplying the civil defence directorates and departments with all technical and technological means to accomplish its tasks professionally.

 Vision :

 To cope with what is developed and updated in the communication and IT sectors , to achieve the best level of specialization , through training and qualifying the staff with specialized courses to provide technical support to civil defence duties , in order to achieve the humane mission of the organization with high professionalism and efficiently .

 Mission :

 To supply the directorate , the operations rooms and departments with the warning alert data, and other systems 24/7, to accomplish all the studies of communication and IT in order to develop and update communication , network systems and using programs as well as to introduce new systems contributing in facilitating civil defence duties.

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