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The Beginning of the Civil Defence in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan returns back to Jordan East emirate, it’s duties were carried out by limited civilian groups under the responsibility of municipality at that time.

In 1948 and after this period as a result to actions progress and instability of this region, the needs emerged for establishing new institution to protect civilian from war woes.

According to regulation No.(18) of the defence Law No.(2) for 1939, prime minister issued Defence order No.(3) for the year 1953, this order authorized the defence minister to establish Civil Defence commission in the kingdom to carry out Civil Defence purposes and setting the suitable rules for these purposes.

In 1954, The minister of Defence issued the defence order No.(1) for 1954(1) including forming Civil Defence committees in the Capital, districts, provinces and counties to carry out the purposes of Civil Defence, this order was changed in 1955 by Defence order No.(1) for 1955 including changing the forming of Civil Defence Committees.

Because of the triple invasion on Egypt in 1956, and based on the late king Hussein bin Talal thoughts (May God rest him in peace) that human being is the most valuable that we have, The Royal order came out to establish the Civil Defence Directorate and therefore, Civil Defence Law No.(12) for 1959was legislated and replaced Civil Defence temporary Law No. (35) For 1956. Civil Defence Directorate was part of public security at that time. In 1970 Civil Defence directorate was separated from Public Security Department and became the General Directorate of Civil Defence with a separated administration. In 1978 Civil Defence was completely separated from Public Security Department financially with separated budget and fund. To keep up with the developments of the kingdom in 1990 the up growth and flourishing of The Kingdom Civil Defence Law No.(18) 1999 was issued and replaced Civil Defence Law No.(12) for 1959. After issuing Civil Defence Law No.(18) for 1999.

The General Directorate of Civil Defence achieved a unique progress in several fields, and it was a great development guided by progressive supervising of His Majesty The king to develop this humanitarian institution by supporting this it with Manpower, vehicles, equipment and high qualifications, as well as increasing Civil Defence stations all over the Kingdom. Civil defence was equipped with the modern and advanced vehicles and equipment to deal with all types of accidents that occur and require the intervention of the civil defence personnel. This is in addition to supplying with manpower and qualifying it theoretically and practically engaging in specialized courses in all areas of specialization and civil defence sciences to be able to perform its duties efficiently, professionally and in addition to the horizontal expansion in the establishment of many civil defence sites.

In addition, the Civil Defence Department has established several specialized teams in dealing with accidents of hazardous materials, forest fires, water and mountain rescue, as well as Search and Rescue Team, which, in its integrated units and providing all international requirements, was able to be the first Arab team to receive the International Classification In the fields of Search and Rescue.

The aspirations are many, but we would like to express our ambition to embody the concept of comprehensive civil defence and to get the culture of civil defence to all the sons of the homeland. We all adopt preventive behavior in all aspects of our daily lives. A practical approach on the ground to avoid the unfortunate incidents with the general toxic concept.

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